Historic Victory at the 1st Interschool Badminton Tournament: Hope Academy Shines as Overall Champion

Chumoukedima, June 24, 2023 – The first interschool badminton tournament, organized by the Chumoukedima District Badminton Association, concluded with resounding success, showcasing exceptional talent and fierce competition among the participating schools. Under the theme “Talent Hunt,” the tournament took place from June 22-23 at the prestigious Tetso Arena, and it witnessed exhilarating matches that left the audience in awe.

In this thrilling event, young badminton players from various schools across the district displayed their exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship. The tournament aimed to foster healthy competition, encourage the spirit of sports among students, and provide a platform to nurture budding talents in the field of badminton.

Amidst intense matches and breathtaking rallies, it was Hope Academy that emerged as the undisputed champion, securing the prestigious title of overall champion. The team from Hope Academy showcased outstanding performances throughout the tournament, demonstrating their exceptional skills and unwavering determination on the court. Their exceptional teamwork and strategic gameplay set them apart from the competition, earning them a well-deserved victory.

Over the course of two days, the tournament witnessed remarkable displays of talent and sportsmanship in various categories. In the Under 11 category, Lalenzo Nathan Janger showcased his prowess and clinched the Boys’ Singles championship. In the same category, Athekeli and Lalenzo Nathan Janger formed an unbeatable duo, capturing the Boys’ Doubles championship.

Moving up to the Under 13 category, Khriemizo displayed exceptional skills and emerged as the Boys’ Singles champion, while Irena showcased her talent and secured the Girls’ Singles runners-up position. In the Boys’ Doubles event, Khriemizo and Jeremiah formed an outstanding partnership, securing the championship title. Additionally, Sera and Zonisen exhibited remarkable performances and claimed the runners-up position.

The Under 15 category witnessed remarkable achievements as well. Vitsole demonstrated exceptional skills and emerged as the Boys’ Singles champion. In the Girls’ Singles event, Lemchu showcased her talent and secured the runners-up position.

In the Under 17 category, Niepukhe showcased his skills and secured the Boys’ Singles runners-up position. Imliikumla displayed unmatched talent and emerged as the Girls’ Singles champion. Neipukhe and Vitsole formed a formidable team, clinching the Boys’ Doubles championship. In the Girls’ Doubles event, Imlikumla and Subennaro displayed impeccable coordination and emerged as the champions.

The tournament was a testament to the immense talent and dedication of the young badminton players who left no stone unturned to excel in their respective categories. The Chumoukedima District Badminton Association expressed their pride in the exceptional performances showcased by the participants and commended their commitment to the sport.

The tournament not only provided a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills but also fostered an environment of camaraderie and mutual respect among the participants. It served as a catalyst for nurturing and promoting badminton talent within the district, ensuring a bright future for the sport.

Under 11Boys SingleChampion: Lalenzo Nathan Janger
Under 11Boys DoubleChampion: Athekeli & Lalenzo Nathan Janger
Under 13Boys SingleChampion: Khriemizo
Under 13Girls SingleRunners-up: Irena
Under 13Boys DoubleChampion: Khriemizo & Jeremiah
Under 13Runners-up: Sera & Zonisen
Under 15Boys SingleChampion: Vitsole
Under 15Girls SingleRunners-up: Lemchu
Under 17Boys SingleRunner-up: Niepukhe
Under 17Girls SingleChampion: Imliikumla
Under 17Boys DoubleChampion: Neipukhe & Vitsole
Under 17Girls DoubleChampion: Imlikumla & Subennaro