Hope Academy Celebrates Investiture Ceremony, Embracing Leadership and Excellence

The 30th of May 2023 marked a momentous occasion at Hope Academy as the school gathered for its annual investiture ceremony. Chaired by Miss N. Lothungbeni Lotha, the event showcased the exceptional leadership qualities and academic achievements of the students. 

The highlight of the ceremony was the induction of the new student council members, along with the appointment of house captains and assistant house captains, who were recognized for their remarkable leadership skills and dedication to their respective houses.

Addressing the gathering, Principal Madam emphasized the significance of the occasion and congratulated the newly elected School Captain, Limasenla Jamir, and School Vice-Captains Imtilemla Longkumer and Metjong L. Angh. She acknowledged their outstanding commitment, inspiring personalities, and ability to motivate others. The Principal expressed her confidence in their capabilities to lead the school with integrity and enthusiasm, urging them to foster inclusivity and ensure that every student’s voice is valued.

The Principal extended her congratulations to the appointed house captains and assistant house captains, commending them on their exceptional leadership skills and teamwork. She highlighted their roles as ambassadors of their respective houses, responsible for promoting healthy competition, sportsmanship, and unity among students. The Principal expressed her belief that they would carry out their duties with pride and dedication.

Academic excellence was also celebrated during the ceremony, with the Principal congratulating the students who achieved top positions in their respective classes. She praised their hard work, discipline, and unwavering commitment to excellence, emphasizing that their achievements extend beyond grades and represent the development of knowledge, values, and character.

Special recognition was given to students who achieved 100% attendance throughout the academic year, as their consistent presence demonstrated dedication, responsibility, and a thirst for knowledge. The Principal commended their commitment to learning and encouraged them to continue inspiring their peers.

Principal Madam reminded the students that leadership extends beyond designated positions, urging each individual to embrace opportunities to make a positive impact on the school and society. She encouraged participation in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and fostering kindness and support among peers, highlighting that even small actions contribute to the growth and development of the school community.

In conclusion, the investiture ceremony at Hope Academy marked a significant milestone in the school’s journey. It celebrated the leaders of tomorrow and applauded the achievements of outstanding students. Principal Madam expressed her heartfelt congratulations to the newly inducted council members and the deserving awardees, wishing them continued success. She emphasized the importance of striving for excellence, embracing responsibilities, and creating a positive and inclusive environment where every student can thrive.

The ceremony concluded with a sense of inspiration and determination, as students and teachers alike were encouraged to reach greater heights and contribute to the ongoing success of Hope Academy.


Name RankHouse
Limasenla School Captain-
Imtilemla LongkumerSchool Vice-Captain-
Metjong L. AnghSchool Vice-Captain-
Iuka T AchumiHouse CaptainLincoln (Red)
HUngchile PanmeHouse CaptainLincoln
Vingose ChayaHouse Vice-CaptainLincoln
Asangla OunghHouse Vice-CaptainLincoln
Kumdangmenba ImchenHouse CaptainLuther (Blue)
Nchumbeni Tsula House CaptainLuther
Nchumbeni Tsula House CaptainLuther
Wungrito YimkhiungHouse Vice-CaptainLuther
Imlikumla ImsongHouse Vice-CaptainLuther
MangkotongmenHouse CaptainMandela (Yellow)
Chubatula TzudirHouse CaptainMandela
Shisawapang PongenHouse Vice-CaptainMandela
Soshon J LonglengHouse Vice-CaptainMandela
Kamlumong QuinkerHouse CaptainGandhi (Green)
Temjensenla House CaptainGandhi
Mhachen NgullieHouse Vice-CaptainGandhi
Vimeneu NakhroHouse Vice-CaptainGandhi

The Prestigious Principal’s Award is an annual celebration of academic excellence and personal growth at our esteemed institution. It recognizes exceptional students from Grade 1 to Grade 11, highlighting their dedication, resilience, and outstanding accomplishments. The award instills pride and motivation within the student community and is bestowed upon deserving individuals who secure the highest marks in their respective class.

The Principal’s Award serves as a reminder of the attainability of success through dedication and determination, fostering healthy competition and inspiring others. It has a lasting impact, acting as a tangible reminder of accomplishments and encouraging recipients to continue striving for excellence. The award embodies the values of our institution and reflects the commitment of our faculty and the support of parents. It stands as a beacon of inspiration, motivating students to aim for greatness and embrace challenges on their path to success.

Awardees of the Principal’s Award for 2022-23:

Name Grade
Menangpong Ao1A
Deizesier Peseyie 1B
Jentisa Longkumer1C
Mariiziio Chachie2A
Imkongsungla Longkumer2B
Toshimanen Jamir2C
Molutong Walling3A
Aokonang Longkumer3C
Vinani B Zhimomi3C
Liyana Jain4A
Jungmina Longkumer4B
Lensayur Longchar4C
Meyajemla Longchar4D
Mishanli Easteryna Yanthan5A
Jachetla Kichu5B
Nisukali Neiketuonuo Kakheto5C
Lumchanbeni Tsopoe5D
Manvi Jain6A
Saanvi Jain6B
Sejal Jain6C
Niyati Jain6D
Vernica Sharma7A
Heenal Jain7B
Vivan Poddar7C
Yongyimna Jamir8A
Narosen Jamir8B
Atheli V Zhimomi8C
Zaaro Abdul9A
Aosen Imchen9B
Suhrholu Nyekha9C
Aloni H Khulu11B
Medovino Peseyie11C
Mezaakum Longchar11E

100% Attendance Awardees for 2022-23:

Lichumo Kithan1A
Mhansenli Kithan1A
Olanso Tungoe1A
Hithono Achumi1B
Livika Zhimo1B
Tomka Achumi1C
Reshitola Imchen1C
Lishe T Chishi1C
Jentisa Longkumer1C
Ericali Chophy1C
Bautok S Phom2A
Ilivi S Sumi2A
Niswu Swu2B
Akihito M Sumi3A
Ekini Rebekah Yepthomi3A
Esther K Chishi3A
Esther Kharay 3A
Viona Jimo3A
Ratolu Dozo3B
Razolu Dozo3B
Imlimoa Pongen3C
Kupulho Shohe3C
Lydia Zhimo3C
Tssochano Tsopoe3C
Leni Chishi4A
Roren Tungoe4B
Lijenlia Imsong4C
Shikatoli Zhimo4D
Vihuthu B Zhomom!4D
M Vincent Recha5A
Temjenrenba Longkumer 5A
Vinoli Assumi5B
Likuvu Heka Jimomi5B
Kikruneizo nagi5C
Levennaro Imsong5D
Lumchanbeni Tsopoe 5D
Osentna Pongen5D
A Rongnir Aier5D
Izailo A Swutha6A
Ongpangsenbo Longkumer6A
Pezano S Solo6A
Imkongjungla Longkumer6B
Kaluto Achumi6B
Odikokla Pongen6B
Puvika H Mulumi6B
Ruopfukhrieno Pucho6B
Yingli L Outhei6B
Jundanger Molier6C
Bwenye Kemp7A
Senjumbemo Tsopoe7C
Chubaienla Imsong7C
Khamesola Aier8C
Maongsunep Mollier8C
Sedeno Nagi8C
Lanuningchet Tzudir9A
Sutichila Imsong9A
Tetenro Longkumer9A
Yimyar Pongen9B
Maongrenla Imsong9C
Imlitoshi Jamir11A
Medovino Peseyie11C
Limyatet Lemtur11D
Maongkha Pongener11E