Hope Academy Investiture Ceremony 2024: New Leaders Take the Helm

On the 21st of May, Hope Academy held its much-anticipated Investiture Ceremony, marking a significant event in the school’s calendar. This annual ceremony is a time-honored tradition where the school formally appoints its new student leaders. The event was a celebration of the students’ leadership, dedication, and the responsibilities they will undertake for the upcoming academic year

The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of the new School Captain and School vice Captains, followed by the appointment of House Captains and House vice Captains for the school’s four houses.

School Leadership

School Captain: Vimeneu Nakhro

School Vice-Captains:

  • Asangla Oungh
  • Wungrito Yimkhiung

House Leadership

Lincoln House (Red)

House Captains:

  • Shanchui L Shimray
  • Vingose Chaya

House Vice-Captains:

  • Thejano Kuotsu
  • Tinglem Manpang Wangnao

Luther House (Blue)

House Captains:

  • Imlikumla Imsong
  • Nokden M L

House Vice-Captains:

  • Rokoheno Chachei
  • Kumsangpong

Mandela House (Yellow)

House Captains:

  • Soshon J Longleng
  • Shisawapang Pongen

House Vice-Captains:

  • Evalyn Siedzevino Kiso
  • Tokusa H Murumi

Gandhi House (Green)

House Captains:

  • Limaienla Pongen
  • Mhachen Ngullie

House Vice-Captains:

  • Novinu Vitsu
  • Nyeiang L Angh

Oath was administered by the School Manager) to  the new leaders to uphold the values and principles of Hope Academy, setting a tone of responsibility and commitment for the rest of the school year.

The newly appointed leaders received their badges and  blazers from the Principal and Vice-Principal  symbolizing their new roles and the trust bestowed upon them by their peers and teachers. Principal Mrs. Sashizungla Ao congratulated the new leaders and emphasized the importance of leadership in fostering a positive school environment and achieving academic excellence.

Congratulations to all the appointees! We look forward to a year of exemplary leadership and school spirit.